viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Ay ay ay... Even though they pay bad!

El dia de hoy les traigo un pequeño ejercicio tan didáctico como inútil, de esos que tanto me encantan. Alguna vez por aquí ya se tradujeron literalmente vallenatos y merengues al idioma de Shakespeare con resultados nada aptos para cardiacos. Ahora el turno es para los reyes del despecho, o "kings of the dis-chest." Y es que en verdad, qué seria de nuestras borracheras más memorables (y que, irónicamente, son las que uno menos recuerda) donde en lugar de Vicente Fernandez, Pedro Infante y el Charrito Negro tuvieramos a Vincent Ferdinand, Peter Infant, y el Black Charming Guy? Seguramente no se consumiría tanto licor y nos iríamos a dormir mucho más temprano, aún estando en pleno sano juicio.

A ver cuantas de estas logran adivinar (nota: si usted logra adivinarlas todas, puede considerarse un iguazo de miedo).

Suerte pues... mis cuates!

Rancher #1

Currucucucucu... dove!
Currucucucucu... don't cry
Stones will never, my dove,
Know anything about love

Rancher #2

I know well that I'm outside
But the day that I die
I know you will have to cry
You'll say that you didn't love me
But you will be very sad
And you will stay like that

Rancher #3

I drew your name on the agave leaf
Next to mine, intertwined
As proof before the mount's law
That we were there in love
It was you who picked the leaf
The most beautiful, the most slender
And you even asked to draw
Two hearts with an arrow

Rancher #4

I hope you do "pretty well"
I hope your sorrow ends
I hope they tell you I no longer exist
I hope you'll meet better people
Who will give you what I couldn't

Rancher #5

That mole that you have, my little pretty heaven
Next to your mouth
Don't give it to anyone, my little pretty heaven
Because it's all mine
Ay ay ay ay
Sing and don't cry
Because singing, my little pretty heaven,
Makes hearts happy

Rancher #6

And to come back, to come back, to cooooooooome baaaaaaack
To your arms again
I will arive wherever you are
I know how to lose, I know how to lose
I wanna come back, come back, come back

Rancher #7

If Adelita ran away with another guy
I'd follow her by land and sea
If by sea, in a battleship
If by land, in a military train

Rancher #8

The strength is gone
From my left hand
I will leave the world to you alone
Like the white horse
I let go of its rein
I'll let you go too
And you better leave right now

Rancher #9

Speaking of women and treasons
The bottles consumed themselves away
They asked me to sing a couple of songs
And I sang a couple against them
Suddenly a gentleman approached
He had some white hair already
He said, I beg you, partner
Don't talk about the ladies like that in front of me

Rancher #10

Disgusting rat, crawling animal
Scumbag of life, wrongly made eye-sore
Less than human, minion from hell
Damned vermin
You've hurt me so much
Two legged rat, I'm talking to you
Because a crawling bug
Even the worst one
Is nothing compared to you


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